Bus and 4WD Hire, Sydney, Australia

Buses + 4WD Hire

25 seat Mitsubishi Rosa coach for hire, rent and charter 25 seater coach for hire

25 seat deluxe Mitsubishi Rosa - auto

The Deluxe Rosa features ducted air conditioning, carpet throughout, high back luxury seating with safety belts. P.A. system is standard.

Suggested passengers per vehicle 21 to 23. Maximum passengers per vehicle 25 including driver. Limited luggage space but trailers are available.

Coaches are fitted with "TV Vehicle Licence Plates" for tour operators.

Vehicle Features

  • Auto transmission,
  • Carpeted,
  • Ducted air,
  • PA system,
  • Plush seats with seat belts,
  • TV licence plates.

Vehicle Specifications

Turbo charged and inter-cooled
3.9 litre diesel
4 speed auto
Fuel Consumption: City: 18L/100kms
Highway: 16L/100kms
Tank Size: 100L
Average Distance per Tank: 500km
Tyre Pressure: 83Psi Front Axle, 62Psi Rear Axle

Licence Requirement

A NSW Class 1B or Australian or International equivalent is required.


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