Bus and 4WD Hire, Sydney, Australia

Buses + 4WD Hire

21 seat deluxe Toyota coaster for hire, rent and charter

21 seat deluxe Toyota Coaster - auto

Buses + 4WD only supply the very model Deluxe Toyota Coaster buses with plush velour seating, tinted windows and ducted air conditioning, PA system.

The Coaster comes with our 100% reliability guarantee.

Our "TV Plates" enable you to travel in the transit lane plus park close to that "event" you are about to attend. Extras like these on a rainy day are priceless!

The powerful diesel engine cruises on the open road and ensures cost savings on fuel, while the exhaust brake system enhances safety.

Try chauffeur drive with a luggage trailer!

Vehicle Features

  • Auto transmission,
  • Ducted air,
  • PA system,
  • Plush seats,
  • TV licence plates.

Vehicle Specifications

2 Door, 4.1 Litre
6 Cylinder Engine (Diesel)
Auto Transmission
Fuel Consumption: City:
Highway: 13L/100km
Tank Size: 95L
Average Distance per Tank: 500km
Tyre Pressure: 76Psi Front Axle, 44Psi Rear Axle
Kilometres: 200 Free Km,
additional km $0.25c
Seats: Seats 18 to 20 Passengers

Licence Requirement

A NSW Class 1B or Australian or International equivalent is required.


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